Lucy graduated from Norwich University College of the Arts; now working as an artist and painter in  Yorkshire. She specialises in the making of large scale canvases which present British landscapes, especially those surrounding West Yorkshire.

Strongly influenced by Caspar David Friedrich and Edward Hopper she aims to create her own dramatic, isolated and atmospheric scenes. 
The majority of her paintings and charcoal drawings are devoid of human figures yet still include some form of human construction.

''The themes of isolation and escapism have always been prominent within the work I create. This is maintained by the atmosphere which is shown by the play of light and dark within the images. The paintings are always devoid of human figures which allows the viewer to take a solitary stance and immerse themselves into the landscape.''

Oils are her preferred medium also mixed with linseed and poppy seed oil to build up each layer of paint thinly and to produce movement and depth within the image.

''iconic and unique''